Mobile Physicians: The modern, the wonderful, and the old-fashion way of patient care~

Betty & Christin[Originally Published: May 2013]

After caring for our mother (who had Alzheimer’s Disease)  and also our father (who was bedridden and afflicted  with lung, heart, and other ailments ) for almost a decade at home, we  learned about the great advantage of home care by  the use of mobile physicians and mobile home health services.  Though we discovered the benefits of a mobile physician care  after the death of our mother, our family  eventually found a great mobile physician, Dr. Julian Jacobs, who provided one-on-one personal medical care for our dad, and also my mother-in-law who he also cared for. We were blessed to have found such a caring, loving, and an excellent mobile physician/ cardiologist with an extensive list of accolades.


Mobile physicians are board-certified and  provide excellent modern methods of patient care. They, like your average clinic-based physician, diagnose and treat ailments of disabled and/or bed-ridden senior patients in the comfort of their homes. It is the most convenient way of providing medical care,  reducing the added stress of transporting a disabled patient.  Above all, caring at home improves the quality of their life as mobile physicians and nurses are able to spend more time with their patients.

In Memory of Arlene R. Cruz, my beloved mom who I will cherish always

In Memory of Arlene R. Cruz, my beloved mom who I will cherish always

The combination of mobile physician and home health services creates a collaborative effort by providing nearly all the required medical services in the patient’s homes, such as x-rays, blood works and wound care services. Mobile physicians normally work with other health care providers coordinating the patient’s care with the latest medical technology and mobile equipments in the comfort of  the senior’s home. Medicare and supplemental health insurance typically cover “approved” mobile physician services.


It is important to do your research and interview prospective mobile physicians and mobile home health services to ensure that you have similar goals in providing the best quality of care for your seniors. Some physicians are independent, while others work with a team of doctors.

Our family has been blessed to find the best mobile physician/cardiologist who not only has the extensive experience but a doctor who is truly loving, compassionate, kind, and passionate about caring for his patients. Our mobile physician, Dr. Julian Jacobs, spends quality time and leaves his patients smiling and feeling better regardless of their ailments. Because of this old-fashion way of patient care at home, we formed a special bond and love for our mobile doctor. Indeed, our family has been blessed.

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Maria Shriver at the opening ceremonies (photo credit: Rose Broyles)

Maria Shriver at the opening ceremonies (photo credit: Rose Broyles)


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